June 16, 2018

Apartemen Swanston Central, Apartemen di City Melbourne, Kawasan CBD, Victoria, Australia

# APARTMENT DI MELBOURNE, Victoria, Melbourne
SWANSTON CENTRAL @ Victoria Street

Selangkah ke Melbourne Uni Dan RMIT City

Area City dan akses nyaman dekat Melbourne Central Station

Harga Mulai Rp. 5 Milyar / 54 m2
Serah terima akhir Akhir 2019
Hak Milik selamanya/ Free Hold
Corner of Victoria and Bouverie Streets
📍Gmap link location,
Video link, youtube,
More Info:
Wely Joedy – Brighton Tenggilis
HP / WA: 0856.4810.8095
Simpati: 081.231.581.384

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